Non-Toxic NZ made crayons!

If your kids are anything like mine, they love to put things in their mouths, even at 4 things still get shoved in there that shouldn't be, so when I came across Honey Sticks I was pleased I could leave them reasonably unsupervised to get on and get creative without worrying they were sucking on something harmful.

Honey Sticks are non-toxic crayons designed by an ex preschool teacher who was only able to source  non-toxic crayons from overseas, so she got to work and created Honey Sticks in NZ from NZ Beeswax.

The first thing I noticed was the yummy smell, being made from Beeswax they smell just like honey - divine.

These crayons are really durable so wont snap if a lot of pressure is applied by enthusiastic little artists, they are the right size for little hands to grip and don't leave that coloured residue on your hands you get from other crayons.  They last and last and last, and the colours are so vibrant.

They each come in a little cardboard box with 12 colours and retail at $15.99.  The box is so special your little people will be sure to look after them and place them back in the box for safe keeping.

I love this product and would recommend spending that little bit more to get a quality product that will last and be loved by your kids.

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