Sticky socks!

It's winter sport season here, we have just signed our eldest Little Star up to Soccer or as I better know it, Football.  So what better time than now to try out the Little Grippers sports sock range.  Socks that stay on and Stay up for the whole game.

As a very eager first time Soccer player, our Little Star was trying his hardest to impress coach and parents, running all over after the ball and performing the odd slide tackle! Is that illegal? Should we encourage better behaviour on the pitch.....???? Sorry, i digress! Anyway, do you know what? Those socks stayed in place, they didn't shift an inch.

Getting home covered in mud it was time to strip off and jump in the shower, he tugged and tugged at the toe of his socks, but they weren't budging. Then I hear "These socks are sticky!" 

They sure are little man, that's how they stayed on for the whole game.



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