Glasses at Age Four

Miss 4 was complaining of sore itchy eyes in the evenings when doing her homework, I thought maybe we should get her eyes tested, despite a couple of weeks prior having the Plunket sight and hearing test coming back as ‘normal’.  I consulted a few friends who had been through the eye test and glasses process with their little people and learnt the correct process is to go to your GP, get a referral, wait for the referral appointment, attend the appointment, get a prescription and go to an optometrist to order some glasses.

In the short time I had to research it (and as we were a week out from jumping on a plane to the other side of the planet) I learnt that the only saving to be had was the eye test itself, and the referral process could take up to 8 weeks.  As time was not on our side, I decided to contact my optometrist to see if they could help.

Another point I learnt, is that not all optometrists are qualified to assess children, however mine has kids around the same age AND was qualified to carry out the assessment.

The day before her appointment I collected some dilating eye drops and we put them in her eyes an hour before the appointment.  The staff were great and Miss 4 handled herself really well.  The dilating drops were used just in case she was unable to translate the letters, shapes and numbers on the screen, but she had no problem with that.

It wasn’t long into the appointment that she was assessed as long sighted and we were told it would be beneficial for her to be fitted with glasses – something I was keen to do as it’s not long before she starts school.

We finished the assessment and went to choose some frames.  After a fashion parade of quite a few frames, she settled on the pair she liked.

Within 24 (working) hours of our appointment her new glasses were ready to collect – the service was fast and left us enough time to get her used to wearing them before we left the country.

Although it cost a bit more money for us because we had to pay for the examination rather than going through the public health service, I’m happy we sorted it for her and went to a provider that was able to give us an amazing service and get the glasses ready so quickly.


Dilated Pupils after the test                               The chosen pair of glasses


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