Giving back....

One of my main drivers for opening Twinkle Twinkle Little Star was to give back to the community and make it an awesome place for my little stars to grow up in - sure i know me alone opening a shop isn't going to be the only thing to make this town a little bit more awesome but I sure can play my part.

Since opening I've found that not only am i giving back to the community by opening a shop and allowing locals to shop local, I have also found so many awesome businesses right on my doorstep, right here in South Auckland, New Zealand.

We have a large range of stock made by WAHM's (Working At Home Mums) which helps to supplement their income, spread their name and allows me to stock something different. 

We also have a number of products made by established companies who live here, I mean RIGHT HERE.

One of those companies is Little Flock of Horros - they make the coolest kids Merino clothing, right here in South Auckland.  So if you're looking for some Merino this winter, check out the range we have in store and online.  Dress your little monster with style. 

Support local businesses and make your town somewhere awesome for your kids to grow up.

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